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BE BALANCED directs its knowledge and expertise mainly toward assisting the (international) corporate community, confronted with issues concerning the search for an optimum balance in a rapidly changing (business) world.

A large capacity for change demands coaching managers, who are willing to reflect on their personal leadership contribution.  Beside the international community, BE BALANCED supports non-profit organisations, the public sector and everyone who has the intention to take steps changes in improving his well being and personal leadership at work.

BE BALANCED has seen organisations confronted with employees requiring support in making important choices, in solving dilemmas, and in dealing with conflicting demands. Experience has shown that organisations benefit from sufficient support.

Themes such as a safe environment to foster development; the relationship between reason and emotion, between hopes, dreams and a certain amount of reality checks, etc. often arise in these discussions.

Organisations themselves are likewise seeking optimum balance: between short-term goals and sustainability; between diversity in human resources and inclusiveness; between delegation and control; between virtual teams and physical presence in the workplace; and between aloofness and vulnerability.

Seeking an optimum balance in the field of dilemma’s within organisations, teams, and individuals alike is the starting point for the services offered by BE BALANCED.

BE BALANCED believes in healthy organisations wanting to invest in reflection and awareness; places where the hard business side can coexist with the softer, qualitative side.