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Newsletter: 10 YEARS OF “BALANCING” FROM 1999 – 2009 –interview with Elise Victoire van Doorne with reference to the ten years of existence of Be Balanced. A newsletter in which Elise shares her old and new ambitions, her approach and working style and above all, what makes Be Balanced so special, January 2010. Click here to read the newsletter.

WORKLIFE BALANCE – In an increasing number of organisations, staff is challenged by Work-Life Balance dilemmas. What can organisations and staff do to manage these dilemmas. Summary of three facilitated courses and some insight in the Work Life Balance of the facilitators, under which Elise van Doorne. Read summary article and click here. Read this article and click here.

PROBLEM SHARING A SOLUTION IN ITSELF – Gaining awareness of stress mechanism and creating mutual understanding amongst colleagues, supports business teams to jointly build a working environment to strike the best possible balance between private and work. An interview with Elise van Doorne. Read this article and click here.

EMBEDDING CHANGE BY BEHAVIOR – An organisation can only make change sustainable if all involved employees support this change with mindset and behaviour. Read this article and the role of Elise van Doorne in this IT-change process. Click here.


“As a professional coach, Elise is instrumental to the success of a multi-year leadership development program in Shell Global Solutions. She is always fully engaged with the staff of organization, the coaches, and the team of coaches. She brings a very wide and deep experience, knowledge and a set of tools that she uses to achieve breakthrough results with individuals and teams. Her supportive and positive attitude in work and life is for me as manager of the program a source of inspiration. Elise is not only a professional coach, but also a very experienced and effective organizational consultant and has been working with Shell Global Solutions for many years. I am looking forward to continue working with her in the near future.” 2009, manager Shell

“Elise is of great value for my leadership network, in which she combines her knowledge and insight in people’s behaviour and motivation with a good intuition and feeling for the key behaviour patterns that are the key to success for the organisation. She communicates her ideas in an effective and personal way and ensures that everyone in the team will contribute actively”. 2008, manager Shell

“Elise can effectively engage with all levels in an organisation, from the work floor to the CEO. Also, she easily switches roles, from “going with the flow”, to firmly taking the lead and driving down to conclusions. This optionality in behaviours uniquely qualifies her for the widest possible range in facilitation in business processes”. 2008, manager Shell

“Elise is a careful listener and her feedback is always relevant. Her coaching focuses on positive actions to improve performance”. 2008, manager Shell